What is the Certificate of Good Standing?


The Certificate of Good Standing ("CGS") is a certificate available to all active SpeedGauge fleets that allows you to show off your commitment to safety with an online certificate and downloadable PDF that verifies your status as an active SpeedGauge customer. Fleets use SpeedGauge because they care about safety, and we want to make it easy to share that with the world.

Who can have a Certificate?

The Certificate of Good Standing is available to all currently active SpeedGauge fleets.

What does the Certificate show?

  • Company - Your company's name, as it appears in SpeedGauge
  • Vehicles Monitored - Your vehicle count for the last billing period
  • Period - The most recent complete period that was tracked by SpeedGauge
  • Safety Score (Optional) - Your most recent available Safety Score - displayed only if you choose to show it
  • View Certificate - Download a PDF version of the certificate, which contains the same information
  • Learn more… - A link to https://speedgauge.net/CGS, which contains information about the Certificate of Good Standing and the Safety Score for folks who may not be familiar with SpeedGauge

Who can see my Certificate?

The certificate uses a special sharing URL that you can give out to your customers, insurance company, or anyone else. Only people with the link will be able to see your company's certificate. If you need to take access away, SpeedGauge can refresh the sharing URL for you - just contact support@speedgauge.net. 

How do I change my Certificate's settings and access the sharing URL?

Access the settings from Dashboard > Certificate of Good Standing

The settings page can be viewed by all Customer-type users. It can be edited only by your account admins (Customer Admin users). 


  • Display Certificate of Good Standing - If this is checked, you will have a Certificate page; if not, there will be no page to display, and any sharing URLs that you've given out will be invalid.
  • Show Safety Score - If this is checked, your Safety Score will be displayed on the certificate; if not, we will not show the Safety Score
  • Shared URL - This is the link to your Certificate of Good Standing page - simply copy this URL and share it with your customers or anyone else, and they will see that you are a certified SpeedGauge fleet! The URL can be refreshed by SpeedGauge support if needed
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