FleetComplete Customer User Creation Instructions

"There is a Form that this information resides in however we have no instructions for this process in our helpdesk."


BigRoad clients must upgrade to FleetComplete for an API integration.

  1. Log in to your Fleet Complete portal as an administratorhttps://web.fleetcomplete.com/login
  2. Click onUsers > User Managementon the left menu [Figure 1]
  3. Click the “+” icon to add a new user to your Fleet Complet account [Figure 2]
    1. Name: “SpeedGauge {your company name}” – for example: “SpeedGauge ABC Trucking” 
    2. Email address:activations@speedgauge.net
    3. Security Profile:Read-Only
  4. Confirm that the “Must change password on next login” box isNOTchecked
  5. Click theSAVEicon to save the new user [Figure 2]
  6. Submit the form below

Your Fleet Complete Client ID can be found by viewing the User Profile for any user on your account:

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