What is my SpeedGauge Safety Score?


The SpeedGauge Safety Score is a new feature that allows you to see how your fleet compares to other fleets using SpeedGauge.

The score looks at the number and frequency of speeding incidents, fleet size, location, and other factors to calculate a score ranging from 350 to 850. A higher score indicates a greater safety rating according to SpeedGauge’s metrics.

This feature is brand new and still considered an experiment here at SpeedGauge and we would love to hear your feedback! If you have the time, please take our survey, or contact support@speedgauge.net with any questions, concerns, suggestions, or comments.

The score shown to the left of your Speeding Frequency Trend Group Comparison chart shows your Safety Score for the most recent available month. If your fleet hasn’t sent any data to SpeedGauge this month, you will see last month’s score.

If you have only sent a small amount of data to SpeedGauge, you will not see a score - unless you're a brand new customer, you should probably contact support@speedgauge.net to find out why! Your country must also have at least nine other customer fleets to compare your score with to display a Safety Score chart.

If you click on the score, you should see a popup containing a bar graph of your current month’s score compared to the median. It will also show how you compare to the top and bottom scores, and the 25th and 75th percentile marks. If there is enough data for your fleet, you will also see a line graph showing how your score compares to the top, bottom, and median scores over time.

If you do not wish to see your SpeedGauge Safety Score for any reason, just let us know and we will remove it from your dashboard (don’t worry, you can always put it back).

Please note: While the Safety Score is in beta, we may change the formula without warning - don’t be surprised if your score changes suddenly!

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    Irwin Shires

    How is this score actually compiled? What is the methodology being used and is the "actual" score being converted into a "measurement" score based on a percentile? If so what type of grouping criteria are you using? This is vitally important information so I very much appreciate any info you can provide in response. Thank You!

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    Nadia Onorati

    Is this score available through an API?

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    Harry Crabtree

    The display shows that the higher the score, the safer the carrier, is this correct? So a carrier with a score of 750 is more speed compliant (aka...safe) than a carrier with a score of 350? Just want to make sure I understand what I'm reading. Thanks.

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    Jack Lindgren

    Irwin - the score is based on each fleet's speeding behavior and is not changed based on the scores of other fleets. The percentile rankings are determined by looking at the scores of all fleets operating in the same country.

    Nadia - not yet! I have created a ticket to make the Safety Score accessible vie the SpeedGauge API.

    Harry - yes that's correct. A fleet with a higher score has been speeding less than a fleet with a lower score.

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