Email Policy

SpeedGauge uses email to communicate with customers about their service and to send reports as requested. We occasionally use customer contact information to keep users informed of new features for our own products and services. We do not sell or share  user data, and we do not promote any third party services to our customers or contacts unless directly related to our core business.

If you are a SpeedGauge user, you can manage email report preferences from your dashboard. From Dashboard: Your Vehicle Groups select the Report Settings for the vehicle group whose report you received. Email addresses for that group are listed under Report Emails. Please contact your company’s SpeedGauge administrator for assistance if you do not have the correct permissions to modify your email settings. Your company’s administrator(s) can be found at the Dashboard by clicking on Manage Users for the All Vehicles group.

We periodically remove recipient email addresses and user accounts with a history of permanent delivery problems. This means that if emails from SpeedGauge to your address bounce repeatedly, we will stop sending them and may deactivate the associated user account. Addresses removed in this way are almost always invalid or inactive, but if you suddenly stop receiving report emails or are unable to log in, please contact as soon as possible. If your email address changes, please update your report recipient settings and create a new user account if necessary (it is essential that your user account be associated with a valid, active email address).

If you are not a SpeedGauge customer and believe that you have received an email from us in error please contact or call 415-483-1470.

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