Verizon Connect Reveal API Activation Instructions (New)


(API Activation will be at No Cost)

1) Login to your Verizon Connect Reveal Account – then click HERE. [Note: You must be logged into your Verizon Connect Reveal account before clicking HERE. This will automatically take you to Step #2 below.]


2) Select ‘Partner Integrations’

3) Scroll down the listing of Integration Partners and select ‘SpeedGauge’
4) Click on ‘Request Integration’

5) Check box ‘Yes, I confirm that I have a SpeedGauge Inc. account’ …. Click ‘Next’

6) Complete Data Consent

     a. Contract Role (Owner, Fleet Manager, etc.)
     b. Phone Number
     c. Email Address
     d. Check ‘By selecting this checkbox ….’
     e. Click ‘Next’

7) Review integration details – Click ‘Next’

8) Integration request successful

     a. Your integration user credentials will be emailed to you shortly. These credentials will also be emailed to SpeedGauge so they can set up your SpeedGauge Safety Center account.

     b. Click ‘OK

     c. Return to your Enrollment and submit the generated User Name & Password.

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