Is an ELD required for my older vehicles, or vehicles that operate locally?

Yes, all vehicles on your insurance policy are required to report location, speed, heading and mileage when operating on a dynamically rated insurance policy.  Many truckers today report by submitting IFTA logs. This can be both a nuisance and cause unexpected premium fluctuations.  Not all ELDs are compatible with trucks 1 Th998 and older.  

My Trucks are pre-2000, the ELD requires a 6 pin connector:

Trucks transitioned from J1708 (6 pin) to J1939 (9 pin) between 2000 and 2006.  The following graphic shows the specific differences by make and model year.

Graphic of JBUS connectors by Make and Model

My vehicles don't operate outside of 150 air miles do they need ELD or telematics?

To work with SpeedGauge the client must have an ELD, a GPS Tracker or a telematics Camera will do. The insurance partner services require vehicles to report position, heading and mileage (even if operating only intra-state).



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