How accurate is SpeedGauge's posted speed limit data? How often is it updated?

The SpeedGauge speed limit database is an extremely accurate tool for identifying patterns in high risk driver behavior. The database is built upon the highest quality map information available and is updated around the clock by our global map analyst team to reflect the latest changes to posted legal speed limits, new road construction and online feedback from users. Online updates submitted by customers are generally reviewed, verified and committed to the live database in less than 12 hours - further enhancing our high level of accuracy. The SpeedGauge Safety Center also uses proprietary dynamic error detection and correction techniques to address the inevitable errors that occur in vehicle engine data (ECM), GPS receivers and digital map data. While we certainly stand behind the accuracy of our data, we do advise that managers consult with human resource professionals and not rely solely on SpeedGauge reporting for any disciplinary actions.

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