Map correction process explained

How long does it take for a speed edit request to be acknowledged by a SpeedGauge team member?
Our median time for February 2020 was ~6 hours.
The turnaround time for an individual requires varies case-by-case - it may take only a few minutes, but if the request is dependent on a response from external source it could take longer.
How long does it take for the speed limit to be updated in the database once verified? 
It takes up to 75 minutes for change to go live in our system once implemented.
How does your team verify that a speed edit is valid or invalid? What does that process look like? 
We use information from a variety of news, government and private data sources. In some cases, we have to contact local authorities to obtain information.
However, speed limits should always be field verified before any disciplinary action is taken.
It can happen that we get information from district engineer that says update has been made, but in reality the posted speed limit signs were not installed by maintenance crew. Or, for example, even though by law the posted speed limit that we enforce is correct, field verification would show that sign was damaged.
Is the requester of a speed edit contacted once a determination is made on a specific road segment?
Yes - the requester will receive a notification when the segment is updated, or a request for additional information if an update could not be made.
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