About the SpeedGauge Safety Center

The SpeedGauge Safety Center is a driver coaching and performance management service offered to commercial fleets through our worldwide partner network of top GPS tracking providers. 

Tightly integrated with our partners’ solutions, the Safety Center is deployed with the click of a mouse as a value-added software upgrade. It is also offered as a standard feature with select SpeedGauge partners.

Designed around the simple driver behaviors that have the greatest impact on safety and performance, the Safety Center motivates drivers, empowers managersand provides accountability for executives. Using the Safety Center, fleets select a mix of alerts, reports, charts, maps, and other analytics based on vehicle speed – the number one factor affecting safety and fuel economy.

The Safety Center uses SpeedGauge's proprietary speed limit and road risk database, which is constantly improved with data submitted directly by fleets and cross-referenced by our map team. The Safety Center also allows fleets to set custom speed limits for any location where they operate, as well as set custom road condition parameters in specific zones and locations they deem hazardous or prone to performance issues.

Offered as a low-cost subscription through most SpeedGauge partners, the Safety Center is a zero-risk, 100% upside choice that increases the value of any fleet’s GPS tracking investment.

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