How to identify your best drivers, and those who need a conversation

To help you quickly visualize driver performance by speeding frequency, severity, and road type, SpeedGauge provides a driver-based scatterplot chart for each vehicle group. If you have access to driver-based reporting, you will see the chart on the Report Archive page of every Vehicle Group in the SpeedGauge Portal.

To access the chart, simply click on the Report Archive link for any Vehicle Group:

Reading the Chart

  • The position of the dots shows both overall speeding frequency (% speeding) (the y-axis) and the total number of observations recorded for each driver (the x-axis)
    • Higher speeding frequency means the driver is speeding more often
    • Higher observation count means the driver is on the road more often
    • Your top drivers will be in the lower right corner - these are the drivers who are on the road the most, while speeding the least
    • Drivers in need of coaching will be in the upper half, and especially in the upper right corner - these drivers are speeding more often, and are on the road more
  • Each dot represents a driver
    • Hover over a dot to see the driver’s name, speeding percentage, and total number of incidents and observations
    • Click on a dot to see additional information, including the driver’s ID, and the breakdown of incident severity - how many incidents were 6-10 MPH above the limit? How many were 10-15?
    • See specific incidents for each driver by clicking the View Incidents link
  • Download the chart data in CSV or XLSX format
    • This will show the driver ID, driver name, incident, and observation count, and speeding frequency for each driver; it will also show how many incidents fell into each speeding “bucket” (1-5, 6-10, 11-15, or 16+ MPH over the limit)
    • This information can be used for custom scorecards, or for quickly identifying drivers by speeding performance

Changing Chart Settings

This simple chart is very powerful and has a number of features for filtering the data to find exactly what you’re looking for:

  • View trends for the past week or the past month
  • Show all incidents or only incidents more than 5 MPH above the posted speed limit
  • Show interstate/freeway incidents, non-interstate/freeway incidents, or both

Please note: This chart does not apply your fleet’s speeding thresholds or custom speed limits when calculating speeding frequency! As a result, the speeding percentages found in this scatterplot may not match the percentages found in your Summary Reports. Like all SpeedGauge charts, the driver scatterplot is designed to provide an overview for quick identification of broad trends and may differ from the Incident and Summary Report. To dig further, please use the Incident and Summary report!

Please note: The chart uses all available speeding data for each driver. If Joe drives truck 101 from Group A, and truck 202 from Group B, the charts for both groups will look at all of Joe's incidents and observations (from any vehicle), not just the observations from the vehicle belonging to that group. 

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