Geotab - Creating Groups in MyGeotab.

There may be circumstances where a fleet customer has multiple depots and would like to separate vehicles and place them in different groups. The fleet customer can then provide different User access to each group. The users in Depot A will only see vehicles within their group - users in Depot B will only see vehicles within their group. 

Setting up Groups (New Menu Redesign):

1) Click on ‘Groups & Rules’.

  • Click on 'Groups'
  • Next to ‘Company Group’ click on dropdown – then the (+) sign
  • Add New Group Name – Click ‘Save

2) Adding Vehicles to the new group.

  • Click on ‘Vehicles’ on left panel.
  • Click on a vehicle or select mutiple vehicles by clicking on the check boxes on the right
  • Click on ‘Select groups’ dropdown menu
  • Select the New Group name
  • Click 'Save

Setting up Groups (Older User Interface): This is the same process as above with the exception of #1. Click on 'Rules & Groups'. 


Geotab Article - Pro tips for using MyGeotab groups and sub-groups



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