SpeedGauge Posted Speed Limit Data - It's Not Only About Speed


When SpeedGauge talks to our clients about our speed limit data we communicate that our service is about more than just having the most accurate speed limit data inputs. When it comes to getting the most accurate output we talk about the three pillars of our speed limit data solution:
  1. Accurate Speed Limit Data
  2. Specialized Processing of Telematics Data
  3. Proprietary Road Selection Process

First, we have our continuously curated speed limit database that is managed by our map team and leverages crowdsourcing, DOTs, public sources and our own analytics.

Second, we have our specialized processing of raw telematics data where we manage the inevitable sources of data error and duplication (geopositional error, speed error etc.).

Third, we have a proprietary algorithm for addressing this error and selecting the most accurate speed limit data (what we refer to internally as "annotation" but is generally known as "reverse geocoding").

This means that our solution performs differently than all other speed limit solutions, such as what a TSP might build for itself. Even if someone had perfect map data they would get a different result than us because our solution addresses so much more than just speed limit data. It is a highly customized solution and approach designed for a very specific purpose.
- Jonathan Hubbard - CEO, Driven Data Network / SpeedGauge
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