Top 10 Reasons YOU should be a SpeedGauge Safety Center Reseller

Actually, there are dozens of sound reasons for partnering with SpeedGauge, but we have listed the top 10 to help you visualize what SpeedGauge can do for your organization:


1. Earn $12 – $24 per/unit/year (U.S.)—the potential for thousands $$$ in
new business

2. No-risk, month-to-month customer contract—overcome objections to
long-term commitments

3. Incentive pricing for top performers—the more you subscribers you sell
the greater your return

4. Competitive pricing offered outside of North America

5. Free sales leads generated by insurance agents

6. Additional sales to existing customers based on their insurance carriers’
requirements for onboard telematics

7. All the sales tools you’ll need to pitch and close

8. FREE 30-Day Trial to lure and land customers

9. Sales demo support and ongoing training from SpeedGauge

10. Offer customers the most widely known and most accurate posted speed
limit solution on the market today—customers ask for us by name!

Ready for a conversation? Great! Please contact:

Jim Angel, Vice President of Partners 

SpeedGauge Safety Center is a proven, value-added money-maker already deployed on thousands of fleets. Let’s begin earning revenue together from the most sought-after solution for driver performance improvement and management.

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