Reseller FAQ

What do my customers get with SpeedGauge?
1. Access to the SpeedGauge Safety Center- a driver behavior and performance
management solution.
2. Greater confidence in speed monitoring and driver behavior reporting.
3. Data, training, support, and coaching strategies to change behavior.
4. Hands-on working knowledge as we offer your customers an enhanced, richer
data set and better analytics that not only identifies at-risk drivers but also those
that should be rewarded for doing it right (driver retention).
5. Most accurate Posted Speed Limit data in the industry (update daily).

What types of fleets are using SpeedGauge?
Every type of fleet (Delivery, Utility, Oil & Gas, Touring Coaches, OTR, LTL and
Local Delivery), and every size of vehicle (Cars to Class 8) uses SpeedGauge.


Does SpeedGauge provide ongoing support for their Resellers?
Yes, SpeedGauge provides co-branded marketing material, guidance, and training
for your sales team, and the customer support necessary to help you be as
successful as possible - check out our Partner Program to learn more.


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